Welcome To IMA Solapur

We are a voluntary organization of 700+ Doctors of the modern scientific system of medicine. We look after the interest of doctors as well as the well being of the community at large.

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Office Bearers

Please find the current office bearers below. To see a list of past presidents of IMA Solapur, click here.

  • Dr Yashashree Joag Dr. Yashashree Joag - President
  • Dr Pushpa Agarwal Dr. Pushpa Agrawal - Secretary
  • Dr Gauri Kahate Dr. Gauri Kahate - Secretary
  • Dr Kiran Sarda Dr. Kiran Sarada - Treasurer
  • Dr Vidya Deshpande Dr. Vidya Deshpande - Editor
  • Dr Shilpa Kulkarni Dr. Shilpa Kulkarni - Editor
  • Dr Babita Kumthale Dr. Babita Kumthale - Women's Wing
  • Dr Jyoti Chidgupkar Dr. Jyoti Chidgupkar - President Elect
  • Dr Nagesh Honap Dr. Nagesh Honap - Vice President
  • Dr Milind Kulkarni Dr. Milind Kulkarni - Immediate Past President